Why is it that golfers on the lesson tee (and elsewhere) always ask, “What did I do wrong?” How is it that we created such a pervasive culture of negativity?

In addition, they often say, “Oh, I didn’t lift my head on that one!” or state something that they ‘didn’t do’ in order to create a desired outcome.. Hmmm. If you drove a car successfully one day would you return home to tell your spouse that you didn’t hit any curbs, buildings, or other cars all day?

I’d like to share a quote from a mentor of mine, Top 100 Teacher Mr. Manuel de la Torre, “Observation, awareness, and feel must be developed so they are concerned with only what the player must do.” (from his book Understanding the Golf Swing).

From a viewpoint of ‘what to do’ or ‘clarity of intention,’ then a player can begin to develop the correct mindset to make the necessary changes to improve.