What people are saying about Kay’s Teaching/Coaching:

“Kay’s approach makes progress more joyful, and motivates my daughter.  She can develop a great foundation without getting too mechanical.  Her input for improving golf swing is very logical plus easy to understand. ” –Jay S., Gilbert, AZ  (daughter Alicia, age 10 is an LPGA/USGA Girls’ Golf of Phoenix tournament player)

“We could not be more happy with the instruction we receive from Coach Kay.  An amazing blend of golf knowledge and relating to kids that I haven’t seen from anyone else.  My five year old sums it up pretty well when he said “I like that Coach Kay teaches me how to play golf while we have fun!”  We would recommend Coach Kay to anyone who wants to explore and/or continue to improve on this wonderful game.”  —Ty S., Florence, AZ  (son, Noah)

“Kay Cornelius is an exceptional  golf professional who’s passion for teaching has enabled me to play much better golf.   Kay has a gift for simplifying the game and keeping “swing mechanics” to a minimum.  Learning how to play shots rather than being overloaded with swing thoughts has been instrumental in bringing my index down below 6 for the first time in my golfing life.  For anyone wanting to improve and venture down an exciting road of self discovery,  I can’t recommend Kay as a teaching professional enough!  Every lesson has left me more appreciative of the game of golf and the joy I experience in learning more about it.”  –Brian M., Calgary, AB.  6 hcp.

“I returned to golf after a two year absence, and I’ve been taking lessons with Kay because I was impressed with Kay’s teaching of my beginner wife. I’m a difficult student: too mechanical, know more than I can do, easily frustrated, and impatient. The last thing I need is swing theory, computerized video, lines and angles, and the swing du jour stuff. Kay can offer students all of that because she’s been an accomplished player at the junior level, collegiate level at Stanford, and on worldwide professional tours (Europe & Asia), and she remains a student of the game attending the world’s top teaching conferences for golf instructors.  Kay quickly figured out how best to help me by teaching me how little control we have once the club is in motion. Many famous teachers inexplicably break the swing into eight or so pieces. Kay teaches me what I can control.  Kay, for example, uses part wedge “touch shots” to teach how important target focus is and how we can apply that to the full swing. She’s helped me understand how arm tension slows down clubhead speed and causes inconsistencies with swing mechanics.  Here’s the big deal: I leave every single lesson with Kay feeling I haven’t wasted a minute and am a better golfer.  Kay’s the only teacher who has been able to do that with me. She’s a treasure.”  –Bill F., Chandler

“Kay had an impossible task when she agreed to give me a lesson – I didn’t like the game. I decided that with a family full of golfers, I had either better get started, or I would never see them or understand their passion.  I have had lessons over the years, but always left them with a lot of noise and confusion in my head.

The minute I joined Kay on the course, I felt a sense of calm and competence. Kay has more accomplishments in the golf world than most pros you will come across; however, what really separates her from the rest is her keen insight into how to teach the game. From the first lesson, Kay has a way to make you own your learning.  It is a little challenging at first, because she doesn’t just watch you and tell you the “do this – don’t do that” method. Kay has you understand what is happening by really getting you to feel your swing.  It takes more work than just nodding your head and doing what she says, as you really have to engage yourself into the learning. The noise in my head was replaced with a gradual understanding of what feels right.

Although I was a varsity athlete in other sports, I just could not get excited about golf. Yet after the first lesson, I can honestly say that Kay’s genuine passion and commitment to teaching the game, left me feeling intrigued and confident about learning more and developing further. I now have my own clubs, and my 16 year old son, who is a competitive golfer and trains with Kay, tells me “you can really hit the ball, mom!” Now – isn’t that worth something??” –Jo-Ann P., Calgary, AB