Kay’s Involvement with Junior Golf in Arizona

Kay has enjoyed teaching & coaching junior golfers of all ages since 1996, when she became affiliated with the LPGA/USGA Girls’ Golf Program of Phoenix. Since then, her ‘stable’ of junior golfers continues to grow. Players taught by Kay have gone on to play collegiate golf at the following universities: Boston College, Northern Arizona University, University of Minnesota, Columbia University, Penn State University, University of Arizona, University of New Orleans, Oregon State University, University of Oregon, University of New Mexico, Indiana University, Colorado State University, Colorado Mesa University, University of Richmond, Scottsdale Community College, St. Cloud State University, New Mexico State University, UNLV, University of Montana, Montana State University, & Western Illinois University.

Recent news:

2013 “Top 50 Kids’ Teacher” by US Kids’ Golf

2014 “Top 50 Master Kids’ Teacher” by US Kids’ Golf

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Junior Golf Programs

Purpose: To assist and support the junior golfer (and their parents) of any age and/or skill level in developing a complete golf game, adding to his/her enjoyment of the game of golf, learning life lessons in and through golf, and striving for excellence both on and off the course. Coaching varies by age and individual but fundamental objectives remain constant whether the young golfer intends to play recreationally or with the goal of playing at the high school and/or collegiate level. Since 1996 when Kay first started coaching juniors, she has created a practice and learning environment that breeds enjoyment and success. Since 2000, Kay has been involved in teaching and coaching approximately 25 players who have gone on to compete at the NCAA Division I level.

Coaching formats designed with juniors in mind include: Group practice, complete game private instruction for all ages and skill levels, on-course instruction, and training and insights on the mental side of the game and unique physical fitness requirements of the game.

Ages: 5-8 and 9-12

After-school Junior Golf Program: Due to the size of the program there will be two/three groups for the school year. Classes meet on Tuesdays and Wednesdays (two/three separate groups).
Ratio: 6:1 Player to teacher. Taught and coached by Kay
Cost: $30/per golfer/per class

Program schedule:
• Winter (November/December & January/February)
• Spring/Fall Intersession (March/October) – Weekly (3) group classes and playing sessions taught during ‘Spring/Fall Break’
• Spring (April/May) – Playing sessions scheduled on Tuesday and Sunday afternoons.

Junior Golf Camps: TBA the first two weeks of June — Instruction and coaching for juniors on the practice facilities and on the golf course. Dates for 2018 will be: TBA. Juniors may enroll for one or both sessions. Instructor: Kay Cornelius. Ratio 8:1 Player to teacher. Open to girls and boys ages 5-14 (all levels). Fee: TBA.

Custom Group Coaching for Juniors: Parents/friends may create their own semi-private and small groups — Kay will customize curriculum according to juniors’ age, experience level, and goals. Fee: $25-50/per golfer per hour.

Girl Golfers / LPGA/USGA Girls’ Golf Mini Hub / Foothills GC: Girls are unique and often enjoy a small group learning environment that includes other girls. These sessions are a fun way to introduce golf to your daughter and foster a special love for the game at a young age. Girls who develop their games may want to play in LPGA/USGA Girls’ Golf of Phoenix events. See www.girlsgolfofphoenix.org for more details. ‘Girl Golfers’ sessions scheduled twice monthly. Ratio 6:1 Player to teacher. See ‘upcoming events’ page for next event.

Private coaching with Kay at Foothills GC: By appointment, 12-months/year. Group sessions are ‘on hold’ from June 30th until September 1st. ‘Custom small groups’ are welcome year round. Private coaching fee: $60 – ages 13 to 17. $45 – ages 12 and under.

Junior Golf ‘Academy’: Select group of juniors who aspire to take their game to the ‘next level.’ If you are interested in joining the  JGA, see Kay Cornelius, LPGA for more details. JGA junior golfers have access to unlimited practice privileges and golf course playing privileges (space available ‘walking’ only – no carts).

Kay’s Group Programs & Private Teaching / Coaching Philosophy:

• Focus on solid basic fundamentals — hand position (grip), set-up position, balanced and athletic posture, proficiency in aim and alignment
• Full swing technique — Facilitating the creation of a fundamentally sound golf swing that is repeatable. Efficient and effective movement of club and body with the goal of achieving consistent solid contact, shot direction, and low point control.
• Prescribing practice exercises and drills specific to player’s unique needs
• Video playback / video analysis / use of still photos used in teaching juniors when deemed appropriate
• Developing putting technique, distance control, aim and alignment skills, green reading skills, and practice drills.
• Short game skill building and practice — chipping, pitching, and bunker Play.
• Shot choices, creativity, and club selection throughout the short game (on-course).
• Specialty shots and ‘trouble shots’
• Course management / decision-making in ‘game situations’
• Visualization and the mental side of the game.
• The Rules of Golf
• Preparing for tournament play – supporting both the junior athlete and parents
• Physical fitness and nutrition for the junior athlete
• Equipment recommendations and guidance for parents and juniors.
• Physical fitness and nutrition recommendations for juniors looking to take their game to the ‘next level’
• Golf training aids specific to individual player and his/her unique needs

Expectations of Junior Golfers:

• Honoring the Game. Parent resource: www.positivecoach.org Respect for facility (Foothills GC), staff members, fellow players, and coaches.
• Commitment to improving game through instruction, practice, playing, and mental/emotional approach.
• Compete in both school and non-school organized tournaments, if preparing for high school golf team. There are several options throughout the Valley: US Kids’ Golf Phoenix Tour (www.uskidsgolf.com), Junior Golf Association of Arizona (www.jgaa.org), LPGA/USGA Girls’ Golf (www.girlsgolfofphoenix.org), The First Tee of Phoenix, and the Southwest Section of the PGA.