Placing the hands properly on the golf club is of utmost importance when it comes to hitting shots that are consistent in both direction and in height.  A proper grip will enable the golfer to swing the club without the sense of having to manipulate the clubhead to get it to return to the ball square to the target line… The three ways to hold the club include the 10-finger grip, the overlapping grip (Vardon grip), and the interlocking grip.  Regardless of the type of grip that is chosen, be sure that the hands are in a position of balance and that the left heel pad (for RH player) is on top of the handle.  As for the right hand, the grip should be placed primarily in the fingers of that hand.  “Your grip controls the position of the clubhead at all times.  Exercise great care in learning or correcting your grip and exercise great care in keeping it right and always the same.  It will pay you dividends.”  (Manuel de la Torre, Understanding the Golf Swing).